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Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series

The oldest, largest, longest running mountain bike training series in the country happens every Wednesday night from May 23-August 22, 2018!  This fun event is for all ages and abilities and offers a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere with 5 -20 km races, a 2.5 km “Cadets” race, and a short little “Cubs” race held every week.  We rotate between 3 different courses and give out prizes based on attendance at the end of the season awards pot luck party held on August 29th at 6:00 pm.  You can join in the fun a couple of ways.  By purchasing a Area Use Plus Summer Season Pass that includes summer long trail use and the entire series, you get a number that is good for all 14 weeks of racing so you will never have to wait in line and can just show up at the start.  You may also come and pay each week at the rates below.


Adult (18+) 5km – 20km
Teen (13-17) 5km – 20km
Kids (12 & Under) 5km – 10km
Cadets (12 & Under) 2.5km
Cubs (8 & Under)
RACE (Each Lap = 5km)
Kids 1 & 2 Lap
Cadets 1/2 Lap
Cubbies Race
Adult & Teen 1 & 2 Lap
4 Laps (All Ages)
3 Laps (All Ages)