Catamount has been a leader in trail running for many years. We offer over 20 miles of trails to run with many marked loops varying from 5 km – 15 km and terrain and trail types for all ages and abilities. We offer numerous opportunities and programs for trail running including our Tuesday Night Trail Running Series.  As a part of our summer camp program we also offer Cross Country running camps for kids.

Season passes are available that provide season long trail use during any daylight hours and include the Tuesday Night Trail Running Series or you can purchase a trail pass to run (please see our spring/summer hours) or pay for each event as you go.

Our Fall hours are M-F 3-6 SAT 9-6 SUN 10-6. A self service box is available when customer service is not open.
Check the current conditions here.
Buy a Summer Season Pass or an Annual Pass online and use Catamount as often as you like.


Please feel free to contact us. We want to hear from you with any questions, concerns, or to simply just let us know what a great time you had on your last visit to our place.