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Junior Int/Adv. Full Day Lesson Plan

Listed Below are some common activities and games that campers enjoy through out a normal day at camp. Please ask them about some of the games below! Please note that we do not get through all these games during a normal camp week.


Capture the Flag : Friday only

Giants, Wizards & Elves

Pump Park

Bike See-Saw


Blob Tag

Freeze Tag

Willard Ball


Man Hunt


Throughout the week we teach campers essential skills to further their mountain biking abilities. Listed below are the lessons we get through in a normal camp week.

Shifting, Braking, Hovering (SBH)




Climbing and Descending

Wednesday Racing


It’s no secret we ride during camp, a lot. Listed below are some of the most popular trails for campers, feel free to ask about them!

Cliffs of Insanity


Moose Poop

Gully Whumper

Pure Bliss

Gnarles Barkley

Liquid Velvet


Shovel Head

Watermelon Wall

Indian Look-Out

Bear Run


We love encouraging friendly competition during the camp week, this usually comes in the form of bike competitions. Listed below are the games that we play throughout the week.

Trivia Relay

Slow Race

Pump Park Race

Scavenger Hunt

Mountain Bike Limbo

Cliffs of Insanity Race



  • Bike Helmet (skate board specific helmets are built differently and should be bike certified, also – check the label).  Rentals available.
  • Mountain Bike – in good working condition.  Rentals available.( Please remember: your child should be a proficient two-wheeled bicyclist with good control, steering, etc…)
  • Water bottle with a bicycle cage or a hydration pack
  • Two light snacks (Please keep camp dietary restrictions in mind)
  • A Complete Lunch
  • Adequate apparel (bike shorts are highly recommended!) including rain gear, some extra layers and A COMPLETE SET OF DRY CLOTHES FOR EACH DAY
  • A towel for “cleaning” yourself off
  • An old tee shirt and tooth brush for cleaning the bike
  • Bug repellant
  • Sun screen
  • A watch