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Catamount Conservation Plan

As you may know, Catamount Outdoor Family Center (COFC) is a non-profit that operates on lands owned by the McCullough family, providing an outdoor recreation facility for people of all ages. Recently, the McCullough’s have been working with the Trust for Public Lands and Town of Williston to conserve their beautiful property, so that generations of future Vermonters and visitors are able to enjoy the property they have made available to all of us for nearly forty years.

As part of this transition of land ownership, the McCullough’s and the Town of Williston have requested the COFC Non-profit organization and Board stay in place to oversee the future management of the property and to provide programming consistent with its long standing history and mission to “promote family and community well being through activity and education in a natural environment.”
To that end, we want all of our members and supporters to know that the COFC Board is excited about this opportunity and is deeply committed to working with the Town of Williston, the McCulloughs and the community to define the future of COFC.
Over the next year, you will not see any major changes in our programs.  Same great place, same great people, same great programs!  We will keep you up to date as we learn more and look forward to your ongoing support and participation in our programs.

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